Crux is a boutique marketing agency that provides actionable
strategic guidance for live, social and digital experiences.


Why Crux

We’re the only strategic agency focused on the worlds of live, digital and social experiences, and the content and interactions that connect them.

We don’t want to be big. We don’t think you have to be big to be great.

What we really care about is adding value. We help clients measurably grow their business and add value to the people they want to reach.

All we do is strategy and that’s all we want to do. Our partners can do the rest and so can yours.

Our Beliefs

At Crux, we believe in “why” – getting to the heart of the strategic challenge by asking smart questions. We believe good marketing starts with thinking about people. We consider how people operate to make smart recommendations.

We believe that content is crucial – and that good content drives valuable experiences across all channels.

We believe that companies must focus on building long-term relationships, fueled by human interactions.

We believe in integrity and doing the right thing.



While our focus is on live, digital and social marketing strategy, we always consider the integration of all activation channels. After all, we live in a fully integrated live/digital/social world.

At Crux, we provide foundational guidance for integrated marketing initiatives:

  • Establishing crisp objectives and metrics

  • Providing insights to inform multi-channel, big idea creativity

  • Outlining the impact of any specific channel strategy (like events or social campaigns) on other channels, and vice-versa

    We have tons of experience in event marketing and love helping brands create valuable, effective experiences.

    At Crux, we:

  • Provide holistic event program strategy as well as guidance for individual events – internal, external, trade shows, etc.

  • Develop marketing strategies, including program assessments, objective setting, event selection, measurement planning, creative strategy, competitive analyses, budget auditing and more

    We really do social media strategy. We focus on how social can drive tangible, measurable business value (we’ve figured it out!)

    At Crux, we:

  • Provide guidance for the activation of content and interactions across all social channels

  • Think about voice and character of a brand and how it can build lasting relationships with customers and prospects

  • Help companies market in real-time – connecting them with what is going on in the world

  • Focus on building lifetime customer value with social fans and followers

    We believe the world we live in is digital – and therefore digital strategy is really just…strategy.

  • We consider all touch points – from interactive media to mobile activations to web-based content, as well as offline channels like TV and print, and provide guidance designed to optimize an audience member’s brand journey

    Yes, we are creative – but we also love to inspire creativity.

    At Crux, we help our clients get to big ideas by:

  • Writing simple, useful creative briefs

  • Leading thoughtful, interesting briefings and brainstorms

  • Bringing fun and fresh thinking to the creative process

    We don't claim to be data wonks but we do love measurement! Even when we’re not hired specifically to consult about measurement, we consider the need to demonstrate clear value back to the business.

  • We provide specific guidance on objectives, goals and KPIs for events, social and digital initiatives

  • We believe we’ve cracked the code and tackled the big questions around measurement – so that client teams can get data that actually helps them make smarter decisions about the business

    Sometimes we make a strategic recommendation and our clients say, “That sounds right but we have no idea how to make it happen.” We can help with that, too.

    At Crux, we provide detailed action plans that outline:

  • The team members and skills that need to be involved

  • The process and tools needed to implement new strategies

  • Clear steps and a timeline to execute

  • We also provide training to help roll new strategies out to the organization.


    At Crux we believe that a process should be straightforward. We have a simple five step approach that can be easily integrated into client and partner processes. This allows for clarity when determining how Crux will help you to be successful.



    We’re thrilled to work with some of the most interesting companies in the world.


    We’ve allied Crux with some of the coolest, most innovative and creative agencies out there – so that we can join forces and support clients across a range of needs.



    For over 15 years, Christine Kiesling worked within large, global experiential marketing agencies (at George P. Johnson and Jack Morton Worldwide), helping to transform a wide array of client programs. She is passionate about marketing from B2B to B2C to C2C and within a multitude of industries: technology, pharma, entertainment, CPG, financial services and more.

    As a team leader, mentor and diligent project leader, Christine has continuously demonstrated true, authentic leadership and accountability for driving growth – both for the agencies she has served and for clients like IBM, CA, Nokia, Pitney Bowes, Gartner, Research in Motion, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Workday.

    Christine is known for helping brands connect with their customers. She has deep insights into how people think, feel and behave, and how brands can best interact with them. She has a strong point of view and a positive professional outlook.

    In 2012, Christine started Crux with partner Dax Callner to meet an increasing client need for fresh thinking and nimble support from smaller, boutique agencies. As the business and client management lead for Crux, her focus is to make Crux a real partner to clients – taking ownership of client objectives and focusing on how each initiative can drive substantial, measurable impact to the business.


    Dax Callner is a strategist with 15 years of experience guiding marketing initiatives for some of the world’s top brands, including American Express, GE, General Mills, P&G, Sony, MasterCard, Intel, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, HP, Kraft, Johnson & Jonson, Dell, JPMorgan, eBay and many others.

    Dax’s work has included the development of global advertising campaigns, digital & social programs, event marketing strategies, tradeshow initiatives, user conferences and consumer events. He has also led strategy for global product launches for Microsoft and HP and has developed multi-channel marketing plans for a number of Fortune 100 brands.

    Dax has published numerous articles about innovations in marketing and is regularly called upon to speak at industry leadership events. He’s also a musician who regularly performs with his New York based band, and is currently writing a book about the changing relationship between brands and people in a socially connected world.


    We’ve put together an extensive network of super smart, experienced thinkers with a broad array of expertise to draw upon. They’re ready at a moments notice to take an active role in Crux projects.